Announcing Writing Competition Winners!

I'm so sorry this took so long. IZTV wouldn't allow me to post!

It was really hard to decide just one winner, but I have finally made my choice.

Remember, the prize for first place is a $10 gift card and the second place winner gets a $5 gift card.

First Place:


She wrote an amazing story and gave really good detail which makes you feel like you're in the book!

Here is her story:

The blue skies above, clear white mist shrouding the large, lush forest. Pine trees scattered the coastline, with the stars shining above, though it's late morning. From the hard days for the rangers who protected this beautiful land filled with trees, everyone needed sleep, more than usual this day.

"Rania. RANIA!"

"Ahhhhh! Oh, mom! Nice to see you today, in my bedroom, at 5:00 in the morning."

"Today's the day the new rangers start the expedition to the Wildwoods. It's that area past Rovers Grange. The expedition is not to the Wildwoods. It's just to Wilder's Verge, then after we get settled at Redwood Point, we can explore the real Wildwoods."

"Well, okay. Come on, Rowan and the others leave at 6."

It was another morning in the old coastal town of Dundull. From the time the Vikings landed in Mistfall, in the southeast of Jorvik, an island in the North Atlantic, the forest became a place where people could live. In the north of South Mistfall, in South Mistfall Forest, the Jorvik Rangers of Mistfall protected the area and kept the wildlife safe. Next to the station, there's a gap, between Mistfall and the mysterious Wildwoods. Crazy stories about the branches of the hybrid Sequoia Redwoods grabbing anyone who comes through. That's why the Jorvik Rangers abandoned the station in Redwood Point, in the north of Wilder's Verge, a place in the Wildwoods. The new Jorvik Rangers of Mistfall were brave enough to venture into this lost terrain, where no one ever came back.

"Mom, do you think Dellingr will be scared of the Wildwoods?" Rania, the daughter of the mayor of Dundull, asked. "You're the mayor, so why can't you come to the expedition?"

"Because I'm the mayor. And Rania, are you sure it's going to be safe?" Sigry, Rania's mom and mayor of Dundull, said.

"Of course I'm going to be safe. Sure Jorvik's history is weird, and plus. I'm with Dellingr, and when I'm riding him, nothing can happen to us."

"Well, okay. Hurry up, eat breakfast, everyone's waiting for you."

Rania quickly ate breakfast and ran to the door, jogging to Dundull's stable to get her horse, Dellingr. "Hi boy, today we're going to the Wildwoods!" Rania exclaimed, putting on Dellingr's saddle. "We got to go, we're late." "Neighhhhhh!" Dellingr neighed, excited to go on a ride with Rania.

Rania and Dellingr made their way to the South Mistfall forest ranger station, where they were in for a nice surprise. "Ruth!" "Rania!" Ruth was a girl who helped Rania stop a fake quarantine in Mistfall, about a year ago. After, her and Rania became best friends, both living in Mistfall, and Jorvik Rangers. "Ruth! I haven't seen you in a while, I miss you!" Rania called. "Me too! Are you also on the expedition to the Wildwoods?" Ruth calmly asked. "Yes! I can't wait!"

"G day mates! Today's the day we set out on the wild adventure to the Wildwoods!" somebody yelled. "I'm Rowan, head of the Wildwood expedition! Our mission is to get to Redwood Point, the station in the north of Wilder's Verge!"

"No! The Wildwoods!" another person called. "I can't do this. I'm not going!"

"Cheers? Guys, it's fine! There's no brambles reaching out on us!"

"Ugh, duh! Stop acting so childish, we're Jorvik Rangers for crying out loud!"

"Astrid, stop."


"Speaking of brambles, Rania, Ruth, can you go clear the brambles in Rovar's Gap?" Rowan said. "Sure!" Rania exclaimed. Ruth and Rania cleared out the brambles from the gorge, so the other rangers can pass through.

"Well, here we go."

The group of rangers made their way through, trotting up the slope. "We made it past the bramble wall!" Rania shouted.

"Ouch, my leg!" Astrid cried, laying on the ground.

"What happened, Astrid, are you okay?" Rowan worryingly asked.

"It grabbed me, it reached out and grabbed me!" Astrid shrieked. "The brambles... I swear they reached out."

Astrid and another ranger left got on their horses and galloped through Rovar's Gap, going back to South Mistfall.

"That was freaky... What do you make of it all, Ruth?" Rania asked.

"I couldn't explain even if I tried."

"I know exactly what you mean."

The rest of the rangers cantered towards a stone bridge, over the slope towards Rovar's Gap. Then they went up a small slope to reveal a whole forest, filled with hybrid Redwood Sequoias. Everyone kept on the trail to Redwood Point, when it started raining like the ocean was poured on top of everyone.

"Oof, this is a lot of rain."

Everyone made their way to through the lush forest, and saw a small house in the distance. "Is that..."

"We found it mates! Redwood Point!" Rowan and the rangers ran toward the abandoned ranger station, and somehow it was good as new.

"Wow, the ol' ranger station! Cheers ya'll, for your help. Ta."

The rangers explored the station, and let the horses in the paddock.

"Rania," Rowan called to Rania. "Ta for your help today."

"No problem, I'm happy to help. And overall, there's no branches reaching out on us." "Ha!"

Second place:


She wrote an amazing story about a castle and her love for riding!

Here is her story:

One day I was taking a walk through the park when all of a sudden I tripped and fell into a fountain. But surprisingly, instead of getting all wet and splashing into the water, I fell through a magic portal. I landed in a mysterious forest. I wandered for a while and found myself looking at a beautiful castle. It had a huge moat and a big drawbridge. Carefully I walked inside. Inside the castle was probably the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was all the colors of a rainbow and the floor was made of pure marble. It shined and sparkled like gold. There was a big throne in the center of the room. I sat it in for a moment. Then I headed to the next room. It was a giant kitchen. With all of my favorite foods. After staring in awe I decided to move on. In the next room there was a big couch and a huge television. After watching cartoons for a little bit, I decided to go to the big room. It must have been the king and queens room. The next one was fit for a prince. The nursery was the smallest. The last room had to be my favorite, the princesses room. It looked like it was designed and decorated just for me. I looked at the clock and remembered that I had to go home. As I left the castle I saw the sunset over the castle. There was a unicorn and saddle outside. I stared and read a little note on the saddle, dear Morgan, this castle is yours. Pick a room and move your furniture in. this unicorn is also now yours you can ride her to your house and tell your parents. She will know where to take you. After reading the note I jumped with joy. It was my castle. I rode off into the sunset and lived a great life after that. The end.

Shoutouts to:


He sent a great story about a portal. He emailed it to us and wrote it down on paper.

Here is his story:


Mari is very creative because Mari even added a space monkey in the story! It was a great story!

Here is the story:

I went into a magical forest today it's enchanted and it's relly pretty. I saw a space monkey that wants to go to outer space. I want to go to outer space! the space monkey said. Then we found a rocket ship and went to the moon!

Thank you to everyone who submitted and hopefully we can do this again! I'm really sorry I couldn't include everyone's stories.


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