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Black Lives Matter

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Have you seen the news lately? It said that Black people are getting hurt by cops. This is not new, it has been happening for centuries. People used to push this thing away for years! People have been using their phones to take videos of it so that others realize it is a bad thing. This how people knew what happened to George Floyd. We can't be silent anymore! Stand up and fight for what is right! People all over the world are protesting for equality. Even with COVID-19, they are risking their lives to make sure their message is heard. We joined a car caravan protest in San Francisco last week. If you don't want to protest, then you can:

  • Make a sign and put it in your window

  • Message other kids to fight for their black and brown friends

  • Read books from Black authors so you can understand other perspectives

  • Have a lemonade/toy stand for the cause

So let's fight for equality! Who's with us?

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