Sadly, this is our last blog post. Our website is closing because we can't afford to pay for it every year. This is going to be a fun summer for us all. Everything is now opening and we can start doing camps and have fun with friends! We will be on other platforms (if you can find us >:D) If you would like to, you can send us photos of your summer!

Send it to:

It has been some hard times and we can see the light! As for a fun goodbye thing, we are going to give you a speed round of all the books and podcasts you can listen to during the summer!


Kids from 9 - 14

  • The Mysterious Benedict Society (movie coming out on June 25)

  • Aru Shah and the End of Time

  • Wings of Fire

  • Story Thieves

  • The Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone

  • Praire Lotus

  • Front Desk and Three Keys

  • Little Women

  • The Secret Garden

  • The Odyssey (both the novel and graphic novel)

  • The Unicorn Quest

  • The Penderwicks

Kids from 3 - 8

  • Eyes that Kiss in the Corners

  • My No No No Day

  • Don't Push this Button

  • Don't Touch this Book

  • To Much Glue

  • The Kingdom of Wrenly


  • Story Pirates

  • Dream Breachers

  • Six Minutes

  • Remy's Life...Interrupted (sequel to Six Minutes)

  • Becoming Mother Nature

  • Cupid and the Reaper (sequel to Becoming Mother Nature)

  • The Ghost of Jessica Majors

  • Circle Round

  • The Weirdness

  • All Things Madison Podcast

  • The Rex

  • Treasure Island 2020

  • The Mayan Crystal

  • Iowa Chapman and the Last Dog (coming soon)

Thank you so much for being with us for the past year! I hope you enjoyed your time here and we kids will soon be able to get the vaccine so we will be protected and can see our friends again!!!! Hope you have a great summer!!!

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