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Help Save the Planet

I have started a new fundraiser. It is about Global Warming and Climate Change. We only have less than 5 years until climate change will be irreversible. We need to stop it before it is too late! Many kids are giving up their education to fight for what's right. (Please do not do this for you, but you can still go to rallies after school or during the weekend). Climate change is destroying our earth, natural disasters are happening more and more, and the earth is heating up faster than ever. We need to stop this disaster from happening to us and the next generations. Let's fight for what's right and Stop Climate Change!

I started a group with some friends to fight climate change. For more information, go to the Young Activists Against Climate Change (YAACC)'s website:


To donate to our fundraiser for the Environmental Defense Fund, go to this link below:


Thank you for reading and have a good day!

There will be more on this topic coming up in later posts.

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