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Pet Pals: Brautigan

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I'm starting an interview series all about dogs. We love dogs!

This is Brautigan and we asked him and his owner, Auntie Angel, some questions about Brautigan. This is a Q & A for little Brautigan:

Q: Where did you get the name Brautigan?

A: Brautigan is named after the writer Richard Brautigan.

You can read a poem by him here:


Q: What kind of dog is he?

A: He is half Dachshund and Cavalier King Charles

Q: What’s his favorite food?

A: His favorite foods are cheese and carrots. 

Q: Where do you take him for walks?

A: We walk all over the city, but the beach is his favorite. 

Q: Does he do any special tricks?

A: Right now he likes to high five, sit, stay, and stand up. 

Here is some extra stuff about Brautigan:

He always gets the zoomies after every walk. The potty training has been difficult but we’re working on it. I think he is also one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen, but I am biased. 


"He also does this trick where he goes in a box when Auntie Angel says Quarantine,"

Izzy says.

I hope you liked our info about Brautigan!


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