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Pet Pals: Fostering Dogs

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

This is pet pals where we talk about dogs. Today we will be talking about fostering dogs. We asked Auntie Angeline about how she fosters dogs.

This is a Q&A for Aunty Angeline.

Q: What does it mean to foster a dog?

A: Fostering a dog means that I help the animal rescue organizations and shelters by taking home and caring for a dog temporarily until he/she gets adopted into a forever home and owner or family. Being a foster is an important role in helping the dogs and rescue organizations for a few reasons. First, I am providing a safe, stable, calm home for the dog to get comfortable and socialized. Often times, these dogs are abandoned, abused, or just living on the streets without a home or consistent human interaction. So they come to the shelters scared and anxious, and the shelters can be noisy and crowded with lots of activity. By giving them a loving, quiet home, the dogs have a greater chance of getting adopted because they are happier and more relaxed. Secondly, by fostering, I am allowing the shelters to have more space to rescue more animals in need or at risk of euthanization. I also have to interview, meet, and assess potential adopters to see if the dogs would be a good fit into a new home.

Q: What is it like fostering dogs?

A: It is really fun and rewarding fostering dogs! I get to experience different breeds, sizes, and personalities. No two dogs are alike - each one is unique. I've learned so much about dogs and how to train and care for them through fostering. Of course, I get really sad every time they get adopted, but I am comforted knowing that they are going to a wonderful, permanent home where the new owners are excited to create a life and incorporate the dog into their family. And then I get excited to open my home and heart to a new foster pup in need of love and stability. I also get a lot of exercise fostering dogs and am walking around 8-10miles a day!

Q: How many have you fostered?

A: I have fostered 12 dogs (and 68 cats!!)!

Q: How many have you kept?

A: I adopted one dog several years ago, my beloved Akira. At the time I was actively looking to adopt and fostered until I found the one that was the best fit for my lifestyle and I felt a strong, instant connection to.

Q: Do you have one now?

A: Yes! I am currently fostering a beautiful 3-4 year old Cattle Dog mix, Hawkins. 

About Hawkins:

Hawkins is an awesome pup! I've been fostering him for 3 weeks. He was rescued by Milo Foundation and he originally came from the Central Valley. We think he might have come in a more rural environment because he is still quite nervous around loud city noises and crowds. Also, he is shy around new people. But he has come out of his shell more and more everyday as he grows comfortable with me and my house and neighborhood by the beach. I just have to go slow, be patient, and show him lots of love, consistency, positive reinforcement, praise, and of course, treats. He is now really bonded with me, loves belly rubs, has learned to sit, shake and stay, has great recall and loves to play in the water and on the beach. I've grown quite attached to him and he has been my buddy, going with me everywhere. He is getting adopted this week, so I am a little sad and I'm going to miss him.

That is all I have for fostering a dog. If you want to do it, go to the link below, but make sure to ask your paren first.


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