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Story Pirates Creator Club

We have been doing the story pirates creator club lately. It is very fun because you can listen to a story and do the activity sheet for it. There are also live steam classes, activities like baking in The Case of the Musical Cinnamon Buns, and a radio station.






You can write a story and submit it to the story pirates and if you're lucky, they will make it into a story or song and play it on their podcast! If you can't think of a story, there is also something called story sparks! Story spark are a page where they give you ideas for a story like what your character might look like.

There is also karaoke even though that isn't that fun. There is also a university, where you can do a fun class with the story pirates.

I wrote a story about 2 kids going into a tall-tale book and need to answer a riddle to get out. Zaydie also wrote a story about cotton candy clouds and almost running into danger, but actually not.

That is all.


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